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    #2 Termales Del Bosque – Day Two

    Hi, So . . . where was i? Oh yeah, I woke up and i waited until my grandpa came in to tell us that we are going to eat breakfast. Breakfast came with the room, so it was just the typical breakfast. Gallo Pinto, eggs, bread, cheese, and fruit. Yum. We walked to the restaurant and went with a plate or bowl in hand and got what ever we wanted, well what ever was on the buffet I only ate a bowl of Gallo Pinto, which is the rice and beans thing that you see in the picture, toast with butter and jam (strawberry), and a little bit of…

  • Costa Rica,  Lifestyle

    #1 Termales Del Bosque – Day One

    Hi! This week, well . . . just Monday and Tuesday, we went to the Termales Del Bosque with our grandparents (my dad’s parents), who came the 26th of March. (Our parents went on vacation to Tamarindo) Termales Del Bosque is an amazingly beautiful place to visit. There are two ways to get to Termales Del Bosque. The first way is a bit crazy. It is very curvy and it might make you sick if you are in a warm car, but it gets you there. The other way is still a little bit curvy, but the road is super smooth and the scenery is breath taking, and you get to drive past…

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