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    #10 My Bestie!! Sugar Snap

    Hi! Today I am writing about my best friend: “Sugar Snap” (Yes, BFF! I made a nickname for you)   SugarSnap is: S: Super Sweet U: Utterly Kind G: Great Cook A: An Amazing Best Friend R: One of 5 People That Truly Understand Me   S: Super Smart N: Never Complains A: A Quick Learner P: Puts Up With My Crazy Ideas   Sugar Snap agree to sleep outside under the stars. In matching pj’s!   She actually did this with me! My First Selfie!! (She had to pose for 3 minutes)   Birthday present swap. She knew just what i wanted!   We got best friend stuffed animals. Hahaha!   Sugar Snap, You are the best friend I could ever have.…

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    #9 Golden Red Hair!!!!

    HI! For the last 4 weeks I have been in love with my hair. It is tons of fun to play with. Ok . . . I really am obsessed with doing it because of Twist Me Pretty. She is the best teacher for hairstyles in the whole world. I have collected pictures of my gorgeous golden red hair. Have a look: (I look like a fairy princess. Right?) (Crimped hair for family photo/ 2014 ) (Straightened hair 2016) (Air Dried hair 2017) (Family photo 2018) (Dutch braided hair by: Me) Sincerely, P.S: The crimper iron we used to crimp my hair was my moms old one from when she…

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    Hi! Like the title of my blog, I have a new hobby. BULLET JOURNALING. I have always loved journaling, but I could not finish a journal. I would write and write, then one day stop. Then i would try again in another journal. AHHHHH!!!!!  But then i found something called bullet journaling. It is so much fun. A way to describe it would be um . . . making a planner  from scratch. Or designing your own planner. I love to look up ideas and then create them to fit me.  For example: I found this online and made mine into this: I also made my own design for JULY:…

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