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    #14 The BEST Chocolate Frosting (Melt in your Mouth)

    HI! Before I tell you about the best chocolate frosting I need to say sorry to everyone that reads my blog. So . . .  Sorry I’m saying sorry because it has been like a month since I last posted. I’ve been super busy . . . Sorry. OK! Now about the best chocolate frosting in the whole wide world! I found the recipe on the blog Lauren’s Latest It is truly the best recipe in the whole world. I made it on Tuesday to put on some vanilla cupcakes. Yummy!  Here’s the link: https://laurenslatest.com/the-best-and-easiest-chocolate-frosting-birthday-cake/   Ginger Snaps Notes: For 24 cupcakes only make a 1/4 of a batch (We…

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    #13 Delicious Waffles and Buttermilk Syrup

    Hi! Today for breakfast we had super crispy waffles. They were scrumptious! That word is super hard to spell. I thought to add to the super awesome and super scrumptious waffles, I should make buttermilk syrup. It was super good. Like I mean super good and also super easy to make. To make it better I’m going to add the site were I got the recipe and the super yummy recipe.  http://goodlookinhomecookin.blogspot.com This super lady also has a vlog/you-tube channel: 8 Passengers Without further ado . . . (Again i use it but still have to look it up.) . . . the recipe: Buttermilk Syrup In a large pot…

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    #12 New Favorite Place

    Hi! I know I posted yesterday, but today when I was reading some of my posted I realized that I have found a new favorite place. ENGLAND!   Ever since I started reading my 2nd cousin once removed blog “No Tea, Just Crumpets“, I have wanted to go there. I want to do a study abroad. I love movies like Paddington 2 where they are in London England. One day i will go to England. I know I will. So for now, Cheerio!! Sincerely, P.S. In England Cheerio is a nice way to say goodbye!

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    #11 Family Photos

    HI! It has been a really long time since we have had our picture taken professionally. So my parents asked a talented photographer to take our picture at the beach. Because if you live in Costa Rica you have to get you pictures taken at the beach. The pictures turn out great. Without further ado . . . (i had to look up the definition to “without further ado” because i had no idea what it meant) . . . the pictures (Look to the light)  (Look at that 😉 smile)   (Be ye a lighthouse) (Stand ye in holy places and be not moved) (Epic Pic) (Those eyes are…