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    #50 Um . . . . FAVORITE THINGS 2019

    Hi!  THIS IS MY 50th POST! Since my 5th post was about my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to do one of this year 2019!! This time I decided to do 15 questions! Lets begin: Favorite Color Favorite Flowers Favorite Candy Favorite Fruit Favorite Author: El Gringo Favorite Place on Earth Favorite Hobbies Favorite Emoji Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Favorite Season Favorite Artist Favorite Subject Favorite TV Show Favorite Sport Favorite Superheros (male and female) Thanks for learning a little more about ME!  Love ya’ll! Sincerely,

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    #49 7 Good Movies

    Hi! Today, I want to share 7 Good Movies that I have seen recently. 1) A Wrinkle in Time 2) Incredibles 2 3) Christopher Robin 4) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 5) Mary Poppins Returns 6) The Grinch 7) How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World I loved every single one of these movies, and I hope you will love them too! Love ya’ll! Sincerely,

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    #48 Ditched

    Hi! Have you ever woken up super late (11:01) to find that your family has ditched you?  That is what happened to me this morning, well almost afternoon!  I woke up, saw the clock and said to myself “Well, there goes your day ___” (Insert name at the underscore) When I left my room, I heard NOTHING! That’s very strange for my family, because my family is SUPER LOUD on Saturday morning, and plus they NEVER let me sleep that late.  Then I began the search. Not wanting so sound stupid by yelling, I just searched the whole entry house. When I found no one. I texted my mom! i found…

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    #47 Flat Tire

    HI! Yesterday, my friend Sarah invited me to see the new movie “How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World” in Spanish. I KNOW that it will be better in English, but . . . it was still a lot of fun to see. If you have not seen it yet, SEE IT!!! AWESOME MOVIE!!! After the movie Sarah’s mom Fran came and picked us up. We were suppose to just drive to my house and drop me off. That did not happen the way we planned.  About 5 minutes from my house we got a flat tire on a terrible road. We had just made it to a…

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    #46 Technology Dude

    HI! I have a story to tell you! Yesterday, I babysat for my parents! Wow, amazing. I know! My dad had just gotten home and I went into his office and asked him for babysitting money. OK, that sounded strange but, I was told by my mom that I could be paided 5 dollars an hour if I: 1. Be the babysitter not the big sister! This means that I can’t just ignore them and do my own stuff! I have to make sure that they are alright! 2. Clean up after us and make sure the house is clean. This means that before I go to bed, I have to make sure…

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    #45 Cacao Plantation

    Hi! On Friday the 18th (after school) our family and our friend Fran and her daughter Sarah, decided to go on a small vacation/one night and one day vacation. We went to a Cacao Plantation and a Dairy Farm in La Fortuna! At the Cacao Plantation we learned how they get the cacao beans ready to make into powder which is made into CHOCOLATE!! We tried the fruit of the cacao and it is a strange flavor. Its like the flavor of a banana and it is a little slimy.  Later into the tour we got to try 100% cacao bean! It is NASTY!!! Fran loved it though. . . that…

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    #44 SOY!!!!!!

    Hi! I’m back from SOY and I loved every single minute of it!! It was the best thing that has happened to me. I meet tons of other youth that believe the same things I believe.       Let me explain a little more about what SOY is. SOY is a camp for youth that are member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is 4 days full of firesides, talks, shows, lesson, activities, sports, dances, and much more! It is a way for the youth to gain and strengthen their testimonies. Oh, and it is  a way for us teenagers to have the RIGHT kind of…

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    #43 Happy New Years! 2019

    Hi! Sorry!!! It has been a crazy month that flew by with only two blog posts. I promise I will do better this year! 2019 means new blog post and more pictures! I will try to blog at least once a week! Next week I’m going to blog about my trip to SOY!  So don’t miss next weeks blog post! I’m hoping to get TONS of pictures and tell you TONS of stories! For this weeks post, I want to share what I got for Christmas that was from owlcitymusic.com  Yes!! I got OWL CITY MERCHANDISE!!!!! Here’s a couple pictures of the stuff I got: Yep! That is what I got and…