#44 SOY!!!!!!


I’m back from SOY and I loved every single minute of it!! It was the best thing that has happened to me. I meet tons of other youth that believe the same things I believe.


Let me explain a little more about what SOY is. SOY is a camp for youth that are member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is 4 days full of firesides, talks, shows, lesson, activities, sports, dances, and much more! It is a way for the youth to gain and strengthen their testimonies. Oh, and it is  a way for us teenagers to have the RIGHT kind of fun.

For example:

On Thursday the 10th, there was a dance. I told myself before the dance, that I would say yes to every boy who asked me to dance. AND I DID! It was tons of fun! If one of you that danced with me is reading my blog, thanks again for asking me!!!

The dance was great in all, but my favorite part of SOY was the testimony meeting! It was the most spiritual, beautiful experience I have ever had in my short lifetime. I felt the spirit so strong that it made me cry like a little new born baby. I am so grateful I could have those specific people in my company!

Another thing I did at SOY was the talent show!!!


(Wow that was super satisfying to write)

That is really all I want to share about SOY for now . . . I recommend that you should go to SOY or EFY!  (which is SOY in the USA) 

As always, thank you for reading this post!! Love ya’ll!


P.S To those that read in Spanish, I am is the name of the camp! The translation is wrong. Sorry!!! 🙁


  • Wendi

    “I am” happy you went to “I am” too! It was a beautiful experience for us to see you have a beautiful experience. We hope you can have another great experience again, but before you have a long life. 🤣

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