#51 Sugar Cookies!


Saturday is my favorite day of the week because . . .

1) I get to sleep in.

2) I get to eat breakfast late.

3) I get to relax, read for hours, listen to my music, text friends, watch movies and TV shows, and do chores . . . wait, I don’t like the last one 🙁

Every Saturday, since I was little, my mom has had us do family chores or mommy chores. (Family chores are just because and mommy chores are punishment for crimes we commit) 

Before we can do anything I listed above, we have to do all of our chores. Since we are homeschooling now, we do a chore every day so we don’t have a super long list of chores to do on Saturday. That is a plus and a minus.   

This Saturday, it was a different list of chores. Here’s why:

My mom invited 4 women and their children, from our branch over to learn how to make and decorate sugar cookies. 

So our chores for that day were, help babysit or play with the toddlers and to clean up after them. It was tons of fun to help decorate the cookies and listen to the little toddlers’ talk and giggle. 

Here are some of the cookies I decorated:

I love Costa Rica!

I did the line face emoji!

I am the hands holding the duck! The cookies that are close to the pretty flower plate are the ones I decorated! (The heart with the blue outline, the line face emoji, and the rubber ducky) 

It was so much fun to get creative and decorate! Thanks, mom for including me!

Wink face emoji! My favorite emoji!

We still had more cookie dough in the fridge so, today Curly Cook and I decorated heart-shaped cookies. I decided to decorate them like WATERMELONS:

Thanks for reading! Which is your favorite cookie? Tell me your answer in the comments!

Love ya’ll!



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