#60 Watercolor


Recently, I have been doing a lot of watercolor painting. If you know me, I LOVE WATERCOLOR!! I prefer it  over all other kinds of art.

On my bullet journal post, someone commented that they wanted me to do a watercolor post. Well, today’s your lucky day. 

This morning while I was listening to Jacob 1-5 in “The Book of Mormon”, I watercolored.

It is easier for me to pay attention to when I have something to do. In this case, it was watercolor. 

I enjoy doing my watercolor with my super tips. Since the markers are water based they work as watercolors when you add water to the ink. 

Below is how I use the markers:

First I draw on the metal ruler. The ruler helps ink come out but does not stick.

This is what the ink looks like up close, on the ruler. 

Then I use my water brush and add water to the ink. This is what makes it spread.

Above is the result of adding water to the ink. 

The ink is smooth and super easy to paint with. 

Below is what I painted today:

My Supplies
Paper Towel after watercoloring

Here are some of my other paintings:

Most of the paintings are in this book:

I bought this when we were in Florida.
Water Brush

I love watercolor. It is super relaxing and super out of the lines. I love the way it makes me feel when I watercolor. You should try it too!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Love ya’ll!!


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