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    #85 – My Halloween Costume (late)

    I was planning on sharing my costume on Halloween, but I forgot! *Slap Face Emoji* You remember Sarah, right? Sarah and I were trying to come up with a fun matching costumes. Here are the ideas we came up with: -Daphne and Velma from Scooby-Doo -Winnie the Pooh and Piglet or Tiger -Simba (me) and Winnie the Pooh again So what did we decide to do? PLAYING CARDS?? I know kind of BORING. One of my friends said it just looked like a shirt, but whatever. I am a boring, lazy teenager. LOL Sarah, her 2nd cousins, my family and I went trick or treating. This is the last year…

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    #84 – #Snaplibrary

    Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not posted since October, but this month has been a little hectic. So to make up for not posting for a month, I will be posting at least one more time this week. I know that is a challenge but I am ready to take it. Today is Tuesday the 12th and I want to introduce you to something I like to call my #Snaplibrary. Did you know I am a book worm? I read for hours every day and when I am bored I dive into the world of books!! I think the best presents in the world are books and…

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