#85 – My Halloween Costume (late)

I was planning on sharing my costume on Halloween, but I forgot! *Slap Face Emoji*

You remember Sarah, right?

Sarah and I were trying to come up with a fun matching costumes. Here are the ideas we came up with:

-Daphne and Velma from Scooby-Doo

Image result for daphne scooby doo and velma

-Winnie the Pooh and Piglet or Tiger

Image result for winnie the pooh and piglet

-Simba (me) and Winnie the Pooh again

Image result for simba

So what did we decide to do?

(15) Queen of Hearts Playing Card

PLAYING CARDS?? I know kind of BORING. One of my friends said it just looked like a shirt, but whatever. I am a boring, lazy teenager. LOL

Sarah, her 2nd cousins, my family and I went trick or treating. This is the last year I am going to ask for candy. It was a bit weird and I am too old to be asking for candy. BUT, I love dressing up every year. Here are my Halloween costumes throughout the years:

First Halloween – Tinker Bell
(1) Dalmation Jacket and Tinker Bell.
(2) Cinderella
(4) Cinderella Again
(5) Ariel
(6) Belle
(7) Gabriella (High School Musical)
(8) First Lady President
(9) Gymnast
(9) Gabriella again
(10) Bride
(13) “Superhero”

I LOVE DRESSING UP!!!! As you can tell, I wore a lot of wigs. I see them now and I am weirded out. I think my hair is pretty enough. I dressed up every year but the 11th and 12th. On my 14th Halloween, I was smarty pants and a nerd:

(14) Nerd and Smarty Pants

Next year, I am thinking about being “Kim Possible”!! Lol

Image result for kim possible

I even have the camo green pants!!

Comment down below, which was your favorite costume and why? Love ya’ll!


P.S: Here’s the Owl City song of the day!

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  • Allison Owen

    Okay first of all cute cute cute Playing Card! Love it!!! I can’t really pick a favorite!!! My Alyssa once was a bride and you remind me so much of her so when I saw that I had to do a double take! It was about the same age too! You are adorable!

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