#94 – SOY 2020

I’m back! Did you miss me? 

I am so happy, healthy, and I’m in love with “SOY”! “SOY” is one of the best things on this earth. It is so good, that it is on the same level as Cadbury chocolate which says a lot if you know me! I loved every minute that I was there and now I am so tired it is hard to not speak in Spanglish. (Yes, all during “SOY” I spoke Spanglish because my Spanish is not very good. . . Lol)

There are so many things that I LOVED about “SOY”. For example:

My company:

I LOVE MY COMPANY!  My friends are so cool! It is almost a miracle that I’m friends with such amazing people.  I am super grateful that they endured my terrible Spanish and tried to help me in any way they could!  They all have super strong testimonies and they know how to make me laugh and sometimes cry (I’m not lying lol)  I miss them already 😭😭  At the beginning of “SOY” they where all strangers with names I didn’t know, but now they are all my friends. I love you guys!😘

Follow them on Instagram:(if you do follow them post #todossomoswong)










Another thing I love about “SOY” is the dances:

Fun Fact: I LOVE TO DANCE!!!! (I don’t know if I’m any good, but I try.) Bachata is my favorite dance style. Thank you to every boy who suffered through my terrible Spanish and terrible dancing! You made both dances a ton of fun and memorable!!!

Instead of having just one dance this year, there were two! One was a casual almost like a practice dance and the other was the Gala!

The gala was like a prom. You start the night by getting ready for like an hour and a half. (That was the longest it has ever taken me to get ready, but like prom, I wanted to look perfect) I wanted to impress someone (No, I will not say who)

When you were done getting ready it was time to wait for the boys to come “pick you up on” meaning they come to the spot where you are waiting patiently. . . Ok your not actually waiting patiently. You’re waiting nervously. When the boys come, you take a deep breath and yell, “Vuelta, Vuelta, Vuelta” which means do a turn. Then the boys walk up to you and hand you a flower yes, they hand you a beautiful red rose! My heart was . . . I don’t even know what to say.

Here’s a quick pic of our outfits. Don’t the girls look amazing!!

The boy that handed you your rose walked you to the place where they take a picture for the company. Then they walk you to the floor!

As soon as I heard the first song, I started dancing. Lol all by myself! Then a nice young gentleman offers me his hand and took me into the dance floor. I was in heaven, dancing to music, in a beautiful dress and dancing with one of my friends! After dancing with some other boys, the cutest guy ever came up and asked the person I was dancing with if he could cut in. I did not know heaven could get any better! Thank you (you know who you are) so much for dancing with me!! It was a dream come true!!!

After dancing for hours and having the time of my life, we ate dinner.  It was the best dinner I have ever had at “SOY”! I don’t know if it was just my mood or if it really was the food but it tasted super good. While I was enjoying myself a nice young man came up to me and gave me another rose! I was like. . . . What!!? I didn’t know you could do that. Then another boy gave me one as well . . . I didn’t know what to say. Thank you for the roses!

So that was my experience at the gala! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I loved being there!

I don’t know what else to write. . .  So, I’m going to add some pictures and finally close up this post!

Waiting . . . #tired

Selfie and I love the face the guy in the middle is making!! HAHAHAHA

The boys!

The girls!!

Me and my tent mate! #stilltired

I love this selfie and I’m not even in it!

My consajeros! Mami and Papi Wong!!

A friend from last “SOY”!! We are super good friends now and we even sang together in the talent show (a story for another post) Love ya best friend!

Super cute and nice guy who danced with me at the gala! He was at the last “SOY” but I was too scared to talk to him. I hope we can become great friends and that we see each other again soon!

Well, I better run! Love ya’ll!!


Here’s my favorite Owl City song: (The lyrics are what I hope for in the future!)

You’re the sky that I fell through
And I remember the view whenever I’m holding you
The sun hung from a string
Looking down on the world as it warmed over everything
Chills run down my spine as our fingers intwine
And your sides harmonize with mine
Unmistakably I can still feel your heart
Beat fast when you dance with me
We got older and I should have known
(Do you feel alive?)
That I’d feel colder when I walk alone
(Oh, but you’ll survive)
So I may as well ditch my dismay
(Bombs away Bombs away)
Circle me and the needles moves gracefully
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you’d be North
Risk it all cause I’ll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you’d be home
It makes me smile because you said it best
I would clearly feel blessed if the sun rose up from the west
Flower balm perfume, all my clothes smell like you
Cause your favorite shade is navy blue
I walk slowly when I’m on my own
(Do you feel alive?)
Yeah, but frankly I still feel alone
(Oh, but you’ll survive)
So I may as well ditch my dismay
(Bombs away Bombs away)
Circle me and the needles moves gracefully
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you’d be North
Risk it all cause I’ll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you’d be home
If my heart was a house, you’d be home

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