#100!!! HAPPY (late) 2nd BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!


I was going to post yesterday (on the birthday) but I forgot to finish writing it! But I promise I will do better next year (if I’m still blogging by then lol)


Because I love comparing things, it’s time for some lovely comparisons of the me from 2018 and the me from 2020!

In 2018 I finally started to care about what I looked like. Not caring about what others thought about me but what I thought about myself. I even started playing around with makeup and outfits. Not very often though.

Also in the end 2018, my brother left on his mission to Argentina. That was super hard for me because he had finally become one of my best friends ever!!!

2020 – I FINALLY GREW UP!!!!!!!!!!!! YEP!!! I love what I look like and I can’t wait to see what I will look like as an adult. I am officially a real life teenager with teenage sized problems. Hahahaha

I love my freckles (sadly in this picture you can’t really see them because of the filter I choose) and my amazingly long red hair!!!

My brother is still one of my best friends and I still REALLY MISS HIM!! But only 10-ish months till he is back!

Oh yeah. I actually know how to use makeup now. Lol


Here is a link to my first blog post ever. (It makes me cringe badly, so beware)


It is terrible, but I will cut myself some slack because it was my first time!

2020 – I believe that I write more and my grammar is a bit better. I truly love blogging and I get excited every time I publish a new post!


My mom got a new phone so the quality of my pictures are better. But, don’t you just love this picture. I sure do!!

Dang, my brother is getting really good at taking pictures!!! Congrats lil bro!

Bullet Journaling:

I definitely am better at bullet journaling lol!!

Cute, right?!?! I love the watercolor part of the page!

In conclusion. . .

I have grown and I’m happy about it!!! I am super grateful for everyone who has read my blog and I love ya’ll!!! I better go help make dinner. . . Bye!!!!


Here’s an Owl City song because why not . . .

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