#101 – Florida (Dutch) Braid

Hey guys! Don’t you just love this nice weather? Wait . . . Oops! Not everyone has such good weather. 😂

For me, it is hot but there is a nice breeze outside. Because of the heat I decided I would do a hairstyle that would keep my hair up and out of my face. Can you guess which one I did??

I did a “Florida” or Dutch Side Braid. When I came downstairs my mom said it looked stunning and beautiful. She could not stop complimenting it! 😂

Here’s a close up of the braid. Doesn’t the hair elastic look like a piece of string??

I’m actually super proud of this hairstyle because, when I have tried in the past, the front part of my hair by my forehead looked dumb. I’m so glad it turned out alright!!

Above is a great tutorial for this amazing hairstyle!

I hope y’all have a great week!


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