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    #108 Comfy Cozy In the Rain

    Hey guys! Guess what!? It’s a rainy day and it’s cold too!! My favorite kind of day ever! You can’t really see the rain in the picture but it really is raining! Yippee 🥳 I’m sooo happy, I LOVE it when it rains and when it’s “cold”. Because then I can wear my sweatshirts, cute jeans, and we must not forget the fluffy socks!! For this post, I would like to share with you some of my favorite comfy cozy clothing! Big Black Oversized Sweatshirt This sweatshirt is the best thing in the world!! It is perfectly too big and is super-duper soft!! I just love it!! I also love…

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    #107 – Update on My Juggling + trying to convince you to do it with me!

    Hello everybody! 😂 Every time I write that or say that, I think of this: Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog post! This, more of a challenge than a goal, is going great!! I now know how to throw all 3 balls and I can pass them at least 4 times!!! I’m soooooo super proud of myself! Just look at that huge smile! You can tell I just love this awesome skill!!! I really think you should try it. It is totally worth the time and frustration. At first all I did was drop ball, after ball, after ball! It was very, very, very, frustrating but after a…

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    #106 – Frozen 2!!!

    I have a very important question to ask you guys. . . . HAVE YOU SEEN FROZEN 2?? If you haven’t you must see it and if you have do you wanna geek out with me? I LOVE THE MOVIE FROZEN 2! It is so good that I have seen it probably 3 times now. . . Hahahahahhahahahahha It’s that crazy good!!!! Doesn’t that just look amazing????????? And look how cute my cartoon boyfriend is . . . . . Kristoff is one of my cartoon boyfriends (along with Hiccup, Tony Ridinger and Jake Frost.) I’m so weird! I have a confession to make. . . This is my iPad…

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    #105 – 16 before 16 (2.0)

    Remember my 16 before 16 goals? I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator. I don’t know how that works but it some how does. These are very bad habits that I have formed so to hopefully help break them, I’m going to change some of my goals so that they will be more doable. (Is that how you spell doable?) You will see that some of them I have actually completed! My 16 before 16 Goals 2.0 #1 Learn to Juggle Did you know that you are NOT supposed to use tennis balls for juggling? I didn’t know that until TODAY.…

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    #104 – Gotta love this cuteness!

    A couple days ago, I asked my little sister to watch Peaches (our love bird) while I cleaned her cage and I say noticed this cuteness going on in the background: Let’s get a little closer . . . At little closer . . . Oh my goodness!!! That is adorable!!! Isn’t my sister the cutest and the best ever??? Hahaha!! I just wanted to share that! Love y’all! Sincerely,

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    #103 – Join us!

    I CANT BELIEVE THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! Today is one of the days I have been waiting for, for 6 months! ITS CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!!

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    #102 – Our Magical Firefly Night!

    Don’t you just love it when a night goes perfectly?  Well, Monday night was one of those nights. Here’s the story: I had just logged on for my weekly seminary face to face call when my parents told me and my siblings to get in the car.  As my mom walked to the garage, she saw I was on my call. I told her I could still be on the call if I had hotspot. She agreed and off we went.  We drove up the Barva mountain to a lookout we had previously visited last Saturday. Of course, because of the mountain, my class was cut short. I was a…

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