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    #115 – Horse Back Riding!

    Oh my goodness!! I LOVE HORSE BACK RIDING!!! Today we went horse back riding into the jungle. My trust horse, Rebel, ran with my dad and I. We enjoyed seeing cows, getting dirt in the face and laughing at my siblings. It was soooooo much fun! I felt like this cutie tomboy cowgirl! It was amazing! Here’s some pics: SOOOOO MUCH FUN!! I also got some great pictures taken! Yay! This is turning out to be THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! Love y’all! Sincerely,

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    #114 – Hairstyles from my 16 before 16 goal

    Hi everyone! Guess what!!?? I completed one of my goals! Can you guess which one? Oh wait, just read the title. . . I finished my 16 new hairstyles to try goal! Below is a list of all of the hairstyles I did with their pictures. Enjoy! #1 – Florida Dutch Side Braid This hairstyle reminds me of Else’s braid in Frozen. I LOVE IT! It is soooo pretty and actually quite comfortable! #2 Upside Down Braided Bun This one was pretty hard and confusing to do but it was totally worth it! I really enjoyed this challenging hairstyle because it taught my hands to do things almost backwards. #3…

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    #113 – Irazu

    So, a week ago today, we went on a fun field trip!! We went to the freezing cold 🥶 volcano de Irazu!! My brother was so kind and took some great pictures of me! Check um out! I really enjoyed putting a couple rocks on the rock pile my family made. I also enjoyed taking pictures with them too! Here’s the crater of the volcano: Isn’t it so pretty?! Well, I hope you enjoyed my small post! Sincerely, Here is one of my new fav songs! ❤️

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    #112 – Completed Paintings

    Yep!! I finished another goal!! IM SO PROUD! Check the out: Yes, they are all flowers. 🌺🌻 I’m actually really proud of myself. They are really good!! To be completely honest, I did them all this morning! Ha! Ok, my mind is blank, so I’m gonna stop here! Love y’all! Sincerely, Because I painted so many flowers, here is one of my favorite songs:

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    #111 – 7 Books COMPLETED!

    I did it everyone!! I finished all 7 books for my “16 before 16 Challenge”!! Are y’all proud of me?? Each books was unique and well written. All of them were totally worth my time and if you give them a change, they can be worth your time too! I have added them all to my #Snaplibrary so you can read more about them there. I learned so much from the books and I feel like I’m an even better person! I love reading and I’m so glad I got to spend time on my favorite seat in the whole house reading these great books!! Maybe you should give them…

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    #110 – My Journey to Almost Splits

    So . . . Let’s talk about splits. Ever since I was little I have wanted to go all the way down in the splits. Of course, I probably told everyone that I could do it, but I don’t think I really could do it with straight legs. I was extremely flexible when I was little. I miss that sooo much! Hahaha! I LOVE TUMBLING!! I had the best teacher in the whole entire world!! Here is a link to her website:https://utahtumblingacademy.com/about/ Oh my gosh!! I just checked out her website and she has grown her business like crazy! I think I might have been one of her first students.…

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    #109 Happy Star Wars Day!!!

    Let me first say HAPPY STAR WARS DAY EVERYBODY!!!! MAY THE FORCE (FOURTH) BE WITH YOU!!!!!! Who else loves STAR WARS????? I SURE DO!!!!!! Man, I feel so pumped! This was me this morning: (Ha! Somehow I tied Frozen into Star Wars!) Right now I’m sitting at my desk, typing on my bluetooth keyboard which is connected to my iPad, while wearing my awesome “Star Wars” outfit and rocking my “Rey Faux-Hawk” This morning, after my morning routine, (ill talk about it in another post) I got ready for Star Wars Day!! I put on my amazing outfit I had picked out the night before and did my hair +…