#1 Termales Del Bosque – Day One


This week, well . . . just Monday and Tuesday, we went to the Termales Del Bosque with our grandparents (my dad’s parents), who came the 26th of March. (Our parents went on vacation to Tamarindo) Termales Del Bosque is an amazingly beautiful place to visit. There are two ways to get to Termales Del Bosque. The first way is a bit crazy. It is very curvy and it might make you sick if you are in a warm car, but it gets you there. The other way is still a little bit curvy, but the road is super smooth and the scenery is breath taking, and you get to drive past the La Paz waterfall. I recommend to take the second way.

(Grandma took this picture while we were driving home.)

But enough about the roads and going home. Lets talk about at the Termales Del Bosque. When we got there we checked in and then we drove to a BUNGALOW. It really was a fun place to stay.

(Grandma & Grandpa’s Room)

(Table and Kitchen we never used)

(Living Room/ El Gringo’s Room)

(Kid’s Room)


(Outside the Bungalow)

After we looked around and unpack (Well . . . just Curly Cook- my sister and Joy Boy – my brother) we went to get lunch at the the hotel restaurant. The restaurant is sort of outdoors. The picture will hopeful explain what i mean. The food there is delicious!.

(Grandma took this picture)

While we were waiting for our food Curly Cook, Joy Boy, and i danced on a wall thing?

(Grandma took these pictures without us knowing)

After lunch we just hung out at the bungalow. We watched shows on an old TV that makes a loud noise when you turn it on. It sounds like cicadas which were there too. They sound like this. (P.S you might need to turn up your volume.) 

Then we went to the termales or thermal pools. We did not take any picture. 

It was very relaxing and peaceful. The water temperatures are amazing from 21°c to 48°c or 69.8°F to 118.4°F. I recommend this place to anyone that wants to have a relaxing vacation. It is a bit of a walk to get there, but it is right through the jungle, so that is a plus.

After we walked back we relaxed and watched TV again. Then we ate dinner. When we got back to the bungalow after dinner, we were all super tired so we went right to bed. Curly Cook and Joy Boy had a hard time sleeping, so i let them both sleep in my bed.

To Be Continued  . . .


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