#2 Termales Del Bosque – Day Two


So . . . where was i?

Oh yeah, I woke up and i waited until my grandpa came in to tell us that we are going to eat breakfast. Breakfast came with the room, so it was just the typical breakfast. Gallo Pinto, eggs, bread, cheese, and fruit. Yum.

We walked to the restaurant and went with a plate or bowl in hand and got what ever we wanted, well what ever was on the buffet

I only ate a bowl of Gallo Pinto, which is the rice and beans thing that you see in the picture, toast with butter and jam (strawberry), and a little bit of watermelon. One of the pieces that i had on my plate fell off onto the ground. Because there are no garbage cans anywhere, i kept the watermelon on my plate and tried to remember which one i dropped and which one was OK to eat.

After breakfast we walked back to the bungalow and of coarse, watched more TV. By the way the shows we where watching where all in Spanish. I almost fell asleep but my Grandpa came in and told us it was time to get on our shoes. We were going horseback riding.

We drove to the reception and got our receipt and drove back to the bungalow. You may wonder why we drove there just to get a receipt and then drove back. Well here is your answer: We parked the car in the driveway of the bungalow, because it was easier to walk to the horse barn, rather than to drive and park, then have to turn around when we were done riding. SO . . .

When we got the the horse barn, we had to wait just a minute for the guy or the guide, i should say, to come. He told us to come get our horses. We got to walk our horses down a ramp to the ground. That was really cool that the guide did not do it for us. When we were waiting for everyone to get there horses we asked the guide what the names of the horses where. He said my horse was Mexicano or Mexican, Joy Boy’s was Carlos, Curly Cooks was Feliz or Happy, and El Gringo‘s was Ganso or Goose. I forgot what my Grandpa’s horse was named, but his horse always wanted to be in the front.


(Goose or Ganso) (Grandpa’s horses ears)

(Feliz and Carlos)


We got to ride through a forest and up a hill. The guide let us taste a fruit from right off the tree. It was guava!

Related image


When we got back to the bungalow we were all super tired. You guessed it we watched TV. After a long time we got lunch. It was our last lunch at the restaurant. Which was sad but good, because we were done with fast food. After lunch we left the TERMALES DEL BOSQUE. We drove for a long time. We had no clue where we were until we saw the La Paz waterfall.

(La Paz waterfall. I talk more about it here)

When we got home I made dinner. We had BBQ Roasted Chicken on a baguette with tomato and cheese. It was delicious. Then we probably watch a show but i cant remember. Then bed time for us. We were all out before 9! So yeah that is the end of the trip to the TERMALES DEL BOSQUE



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