So I don’t really know what to post about so i decided to post about . . . MY FAVORITE THINGS!
SO here we go:

Colors: Teal, rose gold and periwinkle. 

Image result for tealRelated imageImage result for periwinkle

Flower: Gladiolus & Beauty and the Beast rose

Image result for gladiolus rose goldRelated image

Scent: doTERRA Lavender and hot cement sidewalks after it rains

Related imageImage result for cement sidewalk

Candy: Jolly Ranchers (Cherry) & dark chocolate

Image result for jolly rancher cherryImage result for chocolate

Drink: Franklin & Sons Wild Strawberry and Scottish Raspberry with cracked Black Pepper

Image result for franklin and sons raspberry and strawberry\\








Food: Cafe Rio Pork Salad

Image result for cafe rio pork salad

Fruit: Raspberries

Image result for raspberries

Restaurant: Cafe Rio

Image result for cafe rio

Animal: Baby lion cub 

Image result for baby lion cub


Richard Paul Evans

Jessica Day George

E.D. Baker

L.M Montgomery

Leila Howland

Magazine: New Era

Image result for new era lds peace in christ

Place: Paris

Hobbies: DIYS 

Image result for diys

Collect: Shells

Image result for shells

Things i do to relax: Read & Sleep

Image result for snoopy sleeping

Gum: Polar ice (Extra)

Emoji: Sunglasses

Image result for sunglasses emoji

Ice Cream: Chocolate (For now)

Image result for chocolate ice cream cone

Season: Spring:

barefoot, basket, blooming

Sport: Gymnastic

Image result for gymnastic utah

Utah or BYU: UTAH

Related image

Song: Bird and the worm (Owl City)

Image result for owl city ocean eyes

Subject: Geography

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Board Game: The Game of Life

Image result for the game of life

YEAH I did it!

This is what I used:

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I also added my own!


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