#11 Family Photos


It has been a really long time since we have had our picture taken professionally. So my parents asked a talented photographer to take our picture at the beach. Because if you live in Costa Rica you have to get you pictures taken at the beach. The pictures turn out great. Without further ado . . . (i had to look up the definition to “without further ado” because i had no idea what it meant) . . . the pictures

(Look to the light) 

(Look at that 😉 smile)


(Be ye a lighthouse)

(Stand ye in holy places and be not moved)

(Epic Pic)

(Those eyes are amazing)

(Epic Pic)


(Reach for the Sky)


(Hey that’s me)



(Walking on water)

(Epic Pic) 

(Cute girl)

(Epic Pic)

(Pretty Lady)

(It almost looks fake)


(Holding hands around the world . . .)

(Jump for joy)

(Pull harder)

(Stand strong)

(Love that smile)


(We are Whitti)

(Together for Eternity) 


(Love birds)

(Daddy’s Girls)


(We love you angel)

Those are all of our awesome pictures. Thanks everyone who made it possible!

Love ya all!


P. S. We all have what we call Epic Pics


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