#14 The BEST Chocolate Frosting (Melt in your Mouth)


Before I tell you about the best chocolate frosting I need to say sorry to everyone that reads my blog.

So . . .  Sorry

I’m saying sorry because it has been like a month since I last posted. I’ve been super busy . . . Sorry.


Now about the best chocolate frosting in the whole wide world!

I found the recipe on the blog Lauren’s Latest

It is truly the best recipe in the whole world. I made it on Tuesday to put on some vanilla cupcakes. Yummy! 

Here’s the link:



Ginger Snaps Notes:

For 24 cupcakes only make a 1/4 of a batch (We don’t like a lot of frosting on our cupcakes)

For two layered cake make 1/2 batch (Again we don”t like a lot of frosting)

Chocolate Frosting

I hope you enjoy the frosting as much as our family does. 

Love you all!


P.S: I love frosting and graham crackers!  😂


Related image +Chocolate Frosting = 👍

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