#15 The day I broke my arm . . .


Today I want to tell you the story of the day I broke my arm!  Enjoy . . .


On the 4th day of first grade I was playing on the monkey bars at recess. I had just waited in line for my turn, and I was going to go all the way across. I got the middle and realized that I could not. Someone was blocking the landing platform.

So, I thought that I could just let go of the bars and drop onto the ground gracefully. Well . . . that did not happen. I fell onto my right arm. I slide and hit a metal bar. My vision blurred, and it was hard to hear. I felt pain go up and down my arm, but I did not cry. I just was laying there with my bone sticking out of my arm. A girl asked if she should get the yard duty. “I think so” I said. When the yard duty came I don’t remember what happened until I was in the nurses’ room, that smelled disgusting.

My mom had been shopping with my aunt and when she heard. She came with something that I had requested, my “blanky” or my baby blanket. 



Image result for blanky

“Blanky” from Brave Little Toaster  (I got the name)

Look at my awesome cast. I had the best doctor ever!

Hope you enjoyed my story!




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