#42 MUSIC!!


Today, I wanted to talk about something I LOVE which is . . . MUSIC!! Music usually has a HUGE impact on me . . . which means that I have to be careful what music I listen to. Also, I have chosen to listen to only clean and uplifting music.

Today, I want to share with you some of my FAVORITE artists and which of their many songs is my favorite. I will leave links below the artist so you can listen to their music too!

So with out further ado . . . my favorite music!!!

Owl City

As you all know, I LOVE OWL CITY!! I can’t really choose which song is my favorite, but if I had to pick an album it would have to be: CINEMATIC!


Maddie Wilson

Maddie Wilson is one of my favorite artist because her music is clean, it is country music, and she sings in my vocal range.


My favorite song is “Left That Chapter Out

LDS Youth Music

This is the music that I choose to listen to when I am doing my home-school! It helps me remember what I am learning! I love the music from 2013-2017!


As a plus, this is my favorite song for this year:

I’ll Never Be You Girlfriend” by Tiffany Alvord

It’s self explanatory . . . so no more details.   

I am thankful for this music because it helps me feel better when I am irritated and helps me feel the like I can do this and I am strong!

I am grateful that my older brother found Owl City all those years ago. Owl City is truly my favorite music . . . ever!

I am grateful for Maddie Wilson’s music. It’s my girly, country music that is clean and fun! 

I’m grateful for the youth music when it helps me focus during school. It also makes me feel better when I am stressed out. 

I hope that you can find music that you love and that helps and inspires you!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya’ll!


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