#43 Happy New Years! 2019


Sorry!!! It has been a crazy month that flew by with only two blog posts. I promise I will do better this year! 2019 means new blog post and more pictures!

I will try to blog at least once a week! Next week I’m going to blog about my trip to SOY! 

So don’t miss next weeks blog post! I’m hoping to get TONS of pictures and tell you TONS of stories!

For this weeks post, I want to share what I got for Christmas that was from owlcitymusic.com  Yes!! I got OWL CITY MERCHANDISE!!!!!

Here’s a couple pictures of the stuff I got:

Blogging with new OWL CITY bracelet
Owl City bracelet
Owl City on the Verge Tour 15
Owl City On the Verge Tour 15 Shirt

Yep! That is what I got and I love them both! I have a new favorite bracelet and shirt! You will never see we without my bracelet! Thanks Grandma!!

Owl City is the best musician in the whole world! I’m his #1 Fan!! I hope he continues to make new music!

Right now I working on learning “Lucid Dream” in ASL:

Owl City + ASL = AWESOME!!!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for sticking with me since March 2018!

Love Ya’ll!


P.S Comment below what picture you like best of my OWL CITY “merch”!


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