#45 Cacao Plantation


On Friday the 18th (after school) our family and our friend Fran and her daughter Sarah, decided to go on a small vacation/one night and one day vacation.

We went to a Cacao Plantation and a Dairy Farm in La Fortuna!

At the Cacao Plantation we learned how they get the cacao beans ready to make into powder which is made into CHOCOLATE!! We tried the fruit of the cacao and it is a strange flavor. Its like the flavor of a banana and it is a little slimy. 

Later into the tour we got to try 100% cacao bean! It is NASTY!!! Fran loved it though. . . that is just gross 🙂 

When we were being pulled by the tractor (Yes, crazy right??) my mom almost fell of like 7 times!!! At the end of the rode in the plantation, there is an opening in the forest that leads to a river. The river has CROCODILES!!! But the crocodiles where not there today, thank goodness. We took some fun pictures, that I actually really look good in!! Hahahaha

When we got back from the tour, we ate lunch of rice Lima beans, and mashed yucca. Then the owners of the plantation asked us if we wanted to visit their dairy farm. At the dairy farm we milked the cows and feed the baby calf’s’. 

I think we stayed there an hour! We said goodbye and got in the car and drove for 2 hours and a half back home. It was tons of fun to stay at a hotel for one night, milk some cows and learn about how they make cacao powder! Thanks to everyone who made it possible

Thanks for reading! Love Ya’ll!


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