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I have a story to tell you!

Yesterday, I babysat for my parents! Wow, amazing. I know! My dad had just gotten home and I went into his office and asked him for babysitting money. OK, that sounded strange but, I was told by my mom that I could be paided 5 dollars an hour if I:

1. Be the babysitter not the big sister! This means that I can’t just ignore them and do my own stuff! I have to make sure that they are alright!

2. Clean up after us and make sure the house is clean. This means that before I go to bed, I have to make sure that the house is mom check clean.

3. Help the kids figure out there problems, without getting upset. I think this is the most important rule or step.

If I did those three things, I get to be payed!!

Let’s get back to the story. I asked him what time he left and what time he came home. He said he left at 6:20 and came home at 9:20. I ran and got my check book. But . . . I forgot a pen, which was a HUGE mistake. I just assumed that my dad would have a pen in his offices. So I asked him!

He looked all over his amazingly cool desk. (You can read about it here and hereAnd in his laptop bag and just looked at me. I just said “I’m writing about this in a blog post!” How can my dad not have a pen in his office you ask? Here’s the answer. HE HAS GONE ALL TECH!!! 

He takes notes on his iPad pro with his apple pencil. He only has technology! No normal pen and paper. The following list is all of his devices that he uses:

  • IPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil
  • Mac Book Pro
  • IPhone XS
  • Apple Airpods 
  • Apple Watch

YEP! No normal pens . . .

I had to run and get a pen! Oh, my poor first world problems.  *sigh*  I thought that it was super funny and I wanted to share. Please comment below if you use Android, Samsung, Amazon or Apple devices!

Thanks for reading! Love Ya’ll! 


P.S: If you have not seen the movie “Christopher Robin” you have to see it!

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