#47 Flat Tire


Yesterday, my friend Sarah invited me to see the new movie “How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World” in Spanish. I KNOW that it will be better in English, but . . . it was still a lot of fun to see. If you have not seen it yet, SEE IT!!!

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After the movie Sarah’s mom Fran came and picked us up. We were suppose to just drive to my house and drop me off. That did not happen the way we planned. 

About 5 minutes from my house we got a flat tire on a terrible road. We had just made it to a good road, when we noticed something was not right. Fran and Sarah got out of the car and Sarah observed that we had a flat tire. YES!! A FLAT TIRE! 

Fran knew just what to do. She called the Car Service place and asked them to send someone up to fix it. It took him a while to get there because we were in the middle of a street in nowhere town! So, while we where waiting for the guy to come, Sarah and I got out of that car and danced in front of everyone that pasted in a vehicle! We looked like crazy people!! 

After 5 minutes of waiting, Sarah said the famous words: I’m hungry!! We decided that we would order burgers from Burger King, and have Uber Eats bring us the food! It was my first time receiving food from Uber Eats, but I learned that it really is no big deal. 

After 5 minutes of the guy fixing the car, it was time to leave and go to my house. We as in Fran, my mom, Sarah and I stayed up talking super late. It was decided that Sarah would sleep over!! 

So . . . today Sarah is over here hanging out, while I do my school work!! 

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