#48 Ditched


Have you ever woken up super late (11:01) to find that your family has ditched you? 

That is what happened to me this morning, well almost afternoon! 

I woke up, saw the clock and said to myself “Well, there goes your day ___” (Insert name at the underscore) When I left my room, I heard NOTHING! That’s very strange for my family, because my family is SUPER LOUD on Saturday morning, and plus they NEVER let me sleep that late. 

Then I began the search. Not wanting so sound stupid by yelling, I just searched the whole entry house. When I found no one. I texted my mom! i found out that they had gone to “Pricesmart” and that they would be bringing home lunch.

I was all better when they told me that! 

So, the next time your family ditches you, remember my story. Thanks for reading my short blog post!

Love Ya’ll!


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