#50 Um . . . . FAVORITE THINGS 2019



Since my 5th post was about my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to do one of this year 2019!! This time I decided to do 15 questions!

Lets begin:

  1. Favorite ColorImage result for mint color
  2. Favorite Flowers
  3. Favorite CandyCadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 200G
  4. Favorite FruitRelated image
  5. Favorite Author: El Gringo
  6. Favorite Place on Earth
  7. Favorite HobbiesTools for the Watercolor Artist
  8. Favorite EmojiWink Emoji [Download iPhone Emoji]
  9. Favorite Ice Cream FlavorImage result for chocolate ice cream
  10. Favorite Seasonquots and sayings about autumn and fall
  11. Favorite Artist
  12. Favorite Subjecthistory photo
  13. Favorite TV ShowRelated image
  14. Favorite Sport
  15. Favorite Superheros (male and female)Related imageImage result for spiderman

Thanks for learning a little more about ME! 

Love ya’ll!


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