#53 Bullet Journal part 1


Remember when I posted this post #8 MY NEW FAVORITE HOBBY?

Well . . . at the end of the post, I wrote: “I will probably talk more about bullet journaling another day”.

That day has finally come. 


Like I said before, bullet journaling is a way for people to get creative and make their own trackers and calendars. From experience, its lots of fun but it can be super duper challenging. For example. When you mess up and write the wrong word or the wrong date or just spell a word wrong you feel awful. So . . . you tear it out of your book. Believe me, I have done it multiple times. Another example is when you are following someone on a YouTube video and yours looks nothing like theirs. I mean theirs looks PERFECT and yours look terrible. 🙁

If you would like to start bullet journal here are a couple tips:

  1. Don’t care about what others think. It is YOUR BULLET JOURNAL, and you don’t have to show it to anyone. If you mess up and don’t want to do it again. Just leave it. No one will notice it!
  2. Start in pencil. If you are prone to spelling mistakes or counting mistakes you NEED to start in pencil. When you finish in pencil, go over it in pen and fun colors.
  3. When you feel like you are done. STOP!!!! on multiple occasions I have been tired and my arm hurt from all the coloring and drawing and writing. But, I don’t want to stop. So I kept going. It leads to TONS of mistakes. TONS!!!!!! When you are tired and your arm hurts, please listen to my advise and STOP!!!

Bullet journaling is tons of fun and it is better if you follow these tips. 

OK!! Now for the fun part of this blog post. I’m going to share with you the pages that I have done in my new “Leuchtturm 1917”. 

Without further ado . . . the pages!!!

2018 Future Log
2018 Quote Page and Key

OK, quick comment. 

A key is what helps bullet journalist know what to do on their scheduling part of their bullet journals. 

Sorry, please continue:

2018 Nov Cover Page
2018 Nov Quote Page
2018 Nov Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker

Sorry again!! Another quick comment:

The mood tracker above was not my favorite, but after I completely filled it in it looked amazing.

Also if you can’t tell, November 2018 theme was geodes and gems. 

OK! Continue: 

2018 Nov Honor Bee Tracker and Sleep Tracker
2018 Dec Cover Page
2018 Dec Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker

Ok, from now on I will be putting quick comments.

Quick comment:

I really enjoyed this habit tracker, even though I didn’t complete it.

2018 Dec Quote Page and One Line a Day

Quick Comment:

I loved this new page. The One Line a Day works so well for me!!! I recommend this to anyone (even if you don’t want to have a bullet journal) that doesn’t like to write a huge essay about your day.

2018 Dec Sleep Tracker, Water Tracker, and Weekly
2019 Jan Cover Page
2019 Jan Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker
2019 Jan Quote Page and Gratitude Page

Quick Comment:

I LOVE THIS QUOTE PAGE!!!! Owl City rocks!!!

I also LOVE how this gratitude page turned out. 

2019 Key and Yearly Calendar
2019 Quote Page and Future Log
2019 Future log (the rest of it)

What do you think? Comment below your answer. 

As you might have guessed my 2019 spread is not done yet. But since I put part 1 in the title, you will be seeing more of my bullet journal this year!!!! Subscribe to know when I have posted a new blog post!

Thanks for reading!!!

Love ya’ll!!



P.S. These are my supplies I use and what colors I’m using for 2019! 

My supplies
2019 Colors

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  • wendi

    AWESOME photography! You are truly gifted with the eye for color, organization and texture. My favorite pictures were the supplies. As for the bullet journaling, I think it is helping you become a better artist. Show your watercolors next!!!! Please! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

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