I LOVE Valentine’s day!!!!! It’s my favorite holiday!  I have always wanted to be someone’s valentine. It has never happened but . . . I still LOVE Valentine’s day. 

(My new perfume and who’s my other half?? 😉 )

This Valentine’s day, I am all alone. Literally, not just in the heart. But, ALL MY FAMILY IS SICK!!! :*( 

Of course, on my favorite day of the whole year. My family is sick and since I’m not sick I have to stay away from them. I’m doing homeschool all by myself.

HOPEFULLY, after school today I will be able to watch a “When Calls the Heart”! Cross your fingers for me.

Heres a list of things I want to do today for Valentine’s day:

  1. Listen to Owl City love songs!
  2. Hopefully, watch a “When Calls the Heart”
  3. Read Micheal Vey book 3
  4. Texts my friend Happy Valentine’s Day 😉
  5. Eat some chocolate and think up a cheesy love story 😉

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s day. Sorry, today’s post is so short. Eat chocolate and smell my favorite flower for me!!

Love ya’ll!!


I love you wink emoji 😉

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