#62 Da Best Guacamole!!!


You probably don’t know this about me but, I make AMAZING guacamole!!! Isn’t guacamole such a funny word. 


Anyway, the recipe I use is from “Our Best Bites“. 

I like to do the recipe a little differently, so below is how I make my guacamole:


Ginger Snap’s Amazing Guacamole

3 medium avocados 
1 T lemon juice (I use ReaLemon brand)
1 small garlic clove (We freeze our garlic cloves)
1 T purple or yellow onion 
4 T sour cream
3 pinches of salt (to taste)
Optional: 3 T finely diced tomatoes (I like to use romaine tomatoes) 

Scoop out avocado from skins and mash in a bowl with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and combine well. 


If you push plastic wrap onto the guacamole it will keep it from going brown!!


Thanks for reading!!!

Love ya’ll!!!




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