#64 – 10 Educational Books I LOVE!!


I was thinking about something I should blog about when I thought about the books I am reading. So, for today’s blog post I’m going to share with you “10 Educational Books I LOVE”

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I love this book so much!!! It is so much fun for me to re-read every once in a while. 

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This is a GREAT book and is a funny, sad, enjoyable, thrilling, entertaining, and educational book. I recommend it to both genders.

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I have read these books my whole life. I LOVE these books. They are such a fun read and are SUPER educational!!

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Heidi is the cutest little girl. The book is 99999999999 times better than the movie.

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My dad’s copy
Resultado de imagen para my side of the mountain book
El Gringo/ Elder Whitchurch’s copy
Resultado de imagen para my side of the mountain book
Joy Boy’s copy

My family and I love this book so much, all the boys including my dad have a copy of this book!!

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I love this story!!!!

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This book made me want to become a better person!!! This book always made me feel better.

Resultado de imagen para the swiss family robinson book

You have to read this book. The movie is almost nothing like the book!! The book is 999999999999999 times better!!

Resultado de imagen para caddie woodlawn

I can tell you one thing: Caddie and I are twins!!!

Resultado de imagen para anne of green gables book

Anne is my other long lost twin!!!

I could go on and on about books all day long, but I have a life to live, love and lead. 

Thanks for checking out this blog post!

Love ya’ll!!!




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  • Mom

    I love you GingerSnap! You are truly one of a kind and I look forward to watching you grow and become the amazing woman that you are preparing to be! Thanks for sharing your love of life with so many. The world needs more people in it who are willing to embrace the good and beautiful in the world. Thank you for being a great example to your siblings, and a huge help to me and your dad. We love you!

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