#65 T25!!!!!


Do you know what T25 is? Well, it’s ok if you didn’t know. I didn’t know until a week ago.

Let me just summarize what T25 is: Death to your core!!

I’m joking . . . T25 is a home work out series that my dad has been doing in the garage. He has invited us kids to do it with him. I have done it 3 times and my body is in pain for the first 25 minutes after.

The “T” stands for “time” and the “25” stand for 25 minutes of a painful workout.

Here is a video I found on youtube for T25:


See! I told you. Even though I am thin, I want my muscles from gymnastics and tumbling back. I try to eat a healthy breakfast every morning after I do T25.

I am getting stronger and healthier!! Thanks, T25!!!

Love ya’ll!!


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