#66 Pineapple, Alfajores and Sarah.


On Thursday last week, I was craving pineapple. So, after Spanish class (yes we are having classes now) we all got in the car.

After we dropped off our Spanish teacher, we decided to go to the Britt Outlet next to her house. I went in with a little bit of money and bought myself an Alfajore, almost like one Elder Whitchurch eats.


They had a promotion. You did a quiz and got a free mini bag of chocolate. I got maracuya chocolate! The alfajor was DELICIOUS and so was the maracuya chocolate!

After we finished buying chocolate, we went to a maxi pali for some water. Dark chocolate makes us all super thirsty.

Now this is were the pineapple comes in. Since I had money with me, we dropped the kids off at the house and my mom and I bought three pineapples for 1000 mil. The pineapples were organic so I could eat them.

We drove home, I finished school and then I pulled apart the pineapple. If you don’t know what pulling apart a pineapple is heres a video to show you what it is and how to do it!

It was fun and more like a one time thing!!

The next day I ate the rest for breakfast.

Now for the Sarah part of the title. Sarah came over last night and we played Scattergories and ate no carb or sugar dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Also, I got to practice taking selfies!!!

Love ya Sarah!

Thanks for reading!! Love ya’ll!!


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