#72 New Outfits I love!!

Hello from one of your favorite bloggers, Ginger Snap!!

I have been on a trip to the states and just got home about a week ago! My trip was so much fun and I loved seeing people after such a long time. Thanks to everyone that took time out of their day to spend time with me and my family! We loved our trip and loved getting new things I needed, for example, clothing! Today I would like to share with you 3 outfits that I have put together.

Outfit #1

Photos by: Joy Boy Photography

First things first, I LOVE BOMBER JACKETS!! If you have never tried one on, you should for fun! The one I’m wearing is light and short-sleeved grey jacket. It is nice to wear on a chilly summer day!

The light pink jeans are super comfy and super stylish. I can pair it with almost anything and still be comfortable.

The periwinkle shirt is from the mall here in Costa Rica, so it is not really from this trip but I could not help put these amazing pieces together.

What do you think? Comment below!

Outfit #2

Photos by: Joy Boy Photography

What I’m wearing in this picture is a Tommy Hilfiger white and black polka dot shirt and camo “Star Wars” jeans. I just love my “Star Wars” jeans, they make me feel like General fighting the imperial starfighters.

To add more color I have a marrón crop top sweatshirt and some blue tie shoes. I also threw on my camo Montana hat. It is a souvenir from our trip to Yellowstone.

Outfit #3

So cool!

This outfit is so much fun to wear. I love my Las Vegas hat which is my souvenir. I’m also wearing my “Star Wars” jeans again. The grey shoes are from Payless. The bomber jacket was a treasure find for only $8!! Crazy good price right? 😜

Well that’s all for now! What was your favorite outfit?

Love ya’ll!!


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