#73 I made Ratatouille!

Ever since the first time I saw the movie Ratatouille, I have wanted to make that dish that makes the food critic so happy.

So, this morning I prepared and made a dish of ratatouille. This is what it looks like before you cook it:

And this is what it looks like after and plated:

To be COMPLETELY honest, it was not my favorite dish. And it was a mess to clean up. We only plated it like in the movie for my blog because it was so difficult to do . . .

This is what I wish it looked like:

Image result for ratatouille how to make it look like a movie

Of course, you can’t because that is Pixar. . . lol

This is the video I used to make it:

If you make a Ratatouille comment below if you liked it. Just because I love the movie so much here is a clip of Remy making the Ratatouille!

If you love Ratatouille the movie, comment down below what your favorite part is! My favorite part is when he makes that ratatouille!

Love ya’ll!


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