#74 Sicky :(

Oh my goodness, I am so grateful for when I have a healthy, strong, and not so zombie-like body. Heres why:

On Sunday, I woke up with just a small sore throat. It hurt a little when I swallowed, but that was pretty much it.

On Monday, I had pain in the roof of my mouth and used a ton of tissues. That night I had a terrible night sleep. I mean TERRIBLE!!! I woke up every 2 hours needing to blow my nose and cough. I pretty much groaned and rolled back and forth the whole night until 5:00 am. At 5:00 I started to feel hot and my teeth hurt a ton! Finally, I figured it out, I had a fever. So at 5:33 in the morning, I crawled to my parent’s door and knocked. I could hear my dad as walked to the door. I felt bad for waking him up so early in the morning, but man I don’t think I would have slept at all without those two pain pills, a glass of water and that piece of bread. I slept with a wet hand towel (I couldn’t find a washcloth) on my forehead for the rest of the night.

Tuesday morning, my wonderful little sister helped get breakfast and feel comfortable. I slept all day long, had tons of fevers and took medicine. That night I slept wonderfully!

Wednesday I felt a lot better and read all day long. I still had to deal with blowing my stuffy nose and rehydrating myself. I NEED to make drinking more a priority. That sounds so weird but I guess it is just one of my weaknesses.

This morning I got up and out of bed. I actually got dressed and not in another pair of pj’s, a whole outfit. Of course, I don’t look like a model with my red stuffy nose and tired eyes, but hey, I’m alive!!

So, that is what I have been doing. I hope that this stupid flu will pass quickly so I can finally go back to being my fast and energetic self.

Love ya’ll!


P. S. My sickness reminded me of the Disney short “Frozen Fever”. If you haven’t seen it you need to. It is so cute and funny!

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