#78 – Strawberry Cucumber Salad

For some weird reason, I have been doing two blog post on the same day. Weird right?

I want to share an amazing recipe for a salad that I made for my family yesterday. It is a Strawberry Cucumber Almond Salad and oh is it good. below is how to make it in 7 simple steps:

Step One: Cut and Wash the lettuce

Step Two: Cut cucumbers and sprinkle on salad

Step Three: Cut and add strawberries

Step Four: Dice and add red onion

Step Five: Chop and add Almonds

Step Six: Add a balsamic dressing

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Notes: You can add grilled and seasoned chicken if you want more protein.

I hope you love this salad as much as I do! Love ya’ll!


P.S Here’s and Owl City song you can listen to while you make your amazingly delicious salad:

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