#79 – #lazy-hair-day-styles

You know those mornings were you are feeling lazy and you don’t really care to touch your hair, but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. (Sorry, that was kind of a run-on sentence.) Well, I have those mornings a lot! Of course, I want to look like I actually spent more than 5 minutes getting ready so . . . I turn to these 5 EASY hairstyles:

Lazy Hair Day Style #1:


This hairstyle is the base of millions of hairstyles, but it still looks great by itself and it does its job. It keeps my hair out of my face and I look stylish!

Lazy Hair Day Style #2

All your going to do is add a braid to the first hairstyle and poof, it looks amazing-er!

Lazy Hair Day Style #3

Because I know how hot it gets when you have your hair down all day and im kind of a tomboy, I added a style for that side of me. Just throw style two into a ponytail and wrap it with a piece of hair. #easy

Lazy Hair Day Style #4

Fishtail pigtail braids are the best. They make everything better right. I love wearing my hat backward! It made me look like a baseball player! #ilovebaseballboys

Lazy Hair Day Style #5

This is just a wrapped ponytail. It is really easy like all the other hairstyles!

Of course, you can just be like:

Image result for messy hair dont care star wars

I am like Chewy all the time!! LOL

I have the best camera dude EVER!!! Love ya bro!

Well, I got to go and do my school now! I’ll keep you “posted” Love ya’ll!


P.S. Of course, I can’t end a blog post without an Owl City song so . . . I found this song today just for this blog post! LOL (LISTEN oh and LAUGH)

P.P.S. you can learn how to do a fishtail braid and a wrapped ponytail by clicking on the links below:

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