#80 – Summary of My Summer in Utah!

Today I finally want to talk about my amazing trip to the USA! I can’t just say Utah because we went to a couple other states as well. So without further ado . . . My Trip

Week One – Las Vegas and my cousins wedding! 

Las Vegas is not my favorite place. But we did get to go to Paris so . . .
My cousins wedding was amazing and beautiful. I loved her wedding dress  and she looked amazing!

Week 2 – EFY and birthday!! 

My birthday was at EFY but we celebrated after:

I got a polaroid camera from my Uncle Brad! It is amazing!! Thanks agains!

Week 3 – Youth Confrence with old ward! 

Sorry no picture. 🙁

Week 4 – Newsies Musical and Family Reunion

If you don’t know yet, I love Newsies so when my Uncle and cousins were in it I had to see it. It was amazing and was like another b-day present. Then I had an amazing reuinon with my full extended  family!

Week 5 – Shopping and relaxing at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and crazy scary high adventure course! 

Week 6 – Relaxed Some More

The zoo!

We cut our hair! Mine is in layers now

Week 7 – Snowbird Tram stayed with missionary friends and My favorite day: 

The Fourth of July!!

My favorite baseball boys! ❤️#1

Extended family reunion on my moms side:

Week 8- Yellowstone w/ second cousins

We love “Aunt” Becky!

Selfie with a bison. . . LOL

My second cousins are the best!!

Then we flew back to Costa Rica. It was bittersweet with a bit more bitter than sweet:

That of course was not all my trip. So maybe I will go week by week sometime. Love y’all!


P.s. Of course my signature thing is to put an Owl City songs so:


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