#82 Homeschool Bujo

Today I am going to let you take a sneak peek into my “Homeschool Bullet Journal!” I have worked on and in it almost every day. I hope you feel inspired to create somthing of your own!

Welcome to my Homeschool Bullet Journal!
Do you like the random “text” on my shirt! LOL
An index that is not finished
Goals rock!
Most of this curriculum has changed.
I have read a million more books than this shows
First page for SCHOOL!!
Pink Day
Purple Watercolor!!!
Not my favorite . . .
Favorite drawing and style so far!!
Again my favorite style, not my favorite drawing . . .

Well, that is all I really have so far. Maybe I will post about it some other day! Write to ya’ll soon! Love ya!


Heres the Owl City song!!

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