#83 Joy Boy Photography

You know how I have these amazing pictures on my blog. Almost all the pictures of me are taken by the one and only “Joy Boy Photography”. This kids (who happends to be my little brother) is an amazing photographer! When he grows up, I will not be surprised if he becomes a part-time photographer. He really wants to become an inventor so it has to be part time. LOL

Here are some picture he took of me a while ago that I did not know what to do with. Don’t forget to comment and tell me which photo you like the best! Joy Boy would love that!!

Aren’t they amazing? Well I got to go! Love y’all!!


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  • Aunt Allison

    I’m just now seeing these pictures and I LOVE them! Well done Joy Boy! It’s so hard to pick one favorite but if I have to I’d say the first one! You’ve captured her in a moment of Joy!! I also really love the one with her hair spread out with the flowers! So beautiful!!

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