#87 – Failing but . . . Here’s Some X-Mas Music

Man. I am already failing at this challenge. I was going to post yesterday, but I totally forgot. ūüė≤

To make up for my mess up, I will be adding a bonus to this new list of . . . 5 OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS:

1) Christmas Every Day by David Archuleta 

David Archuleta has a whole Christmas Album and the songs are all great!

2) White Christmas by Bing Crosby

¬† White Christmas is almost like a family tradition to watch it every year. Who doesn’t love that movie? (I will probably write a post about my fav Christmas movies)

3) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland

 I love the movie Meet Me in St. Louis so the Christmas song is like a no brainer for me. LOL 

4) Like it’s Christmas by Jonas Brothers

You all know that I love some of the Jonas Bro’s songs and so the other day when we were coming home from shopping for food we heard this song on the Amazon music Christmas playlist. Like it’s Christmas is such a cute song!!!!

5) Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

When I was little I would dance to the Beach Boys in my room. My mom didn’t know that until yesterday and when I told her she said quote “You’re weird.”


Humbug by: OWL CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bonus just had to be an Owl City song!! You know me, I’m an Owl city FANATIC!! This Christmas song made me laugh, cry and dance!!¬†

These songs are so much fun to dance and listen to! I, of course, love the OWL CITY song the most but the other ones are totally good.

Well, I better go do my school! Merry Christmas and Happy listening! Love ya’ll


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