#88 – Watercolor

(I have been meaning to do this for a while. Now I have the chance!!)

As you know, I LOVE WATERCOLOR!!! It is one of my hobbies, passions, my stress reliever, my place where I can get all my feelings/emotions out, and my creative space.

The way I watercolor is a bit different from the way normal people,*cough* I mean, you normally watercolor.

I’m going to show you the difference between “My Way” and the “Normal” way to do watercoloring.


These are what I started with. Normal brushes are great for painting, but I can’t really control how much water I use, so . . . that is a deal-breaker for me. 🙁

My Way:

These are Ohulu Watercolor Painting Brushes. I like to call them water brushes. The reason why I like these rather than “normal” paint brushes is the fact that I like to control the amount of water I use. In watercolor, the more the water you put into your paint the lighter the color is. So water is the “white” of watercolor. Lol


When I first started really getting into watercoloring, I bought a Pentel Large Water Brush, just to check it out and see if I liked it. I LOVED IT!!! I used it so much that it broke. *Slap Face Emoji* Here is what it looked like:

Instead of spending $15 dollars on 3 new Pentel Water brushes, I decided to try a different brand called Ohuhu. I bought a 6 pack for just $11!! I was not disappointed at all!

*Out of Storytime*

Now lets talk about paint!


Here are two different types of paint you can use to do watercolor. The paint in the tube like containers are Pentel Watercolor Tubes. The tubes are filled with an acrylic paint like substance. I can tell you that from experience, try not to use a ton of the paint. Just use a dot of paint to make a normal amount of color. I have used them 3 times before and I don’t like it at all! But you should try because it might be your favorite.

The second kind of paint in that picture is Crayola Watercolor Cakes. This is the first paint I used when I started watercolor painting. As you can see I am running out. I really liked using these, but after I learned my special way, I stopped using the cakes. These paints are GREAT for beginners and kids! They are washable and easy to clean up. I like using the black cake for details that I can’t do with my special type of watercoloring!

My Way:

These are Crayola 100 Super Tips! You must be wondering why I say that my kind of watercolor paints are markers? Because they are water-based, you can paint with them by just adding a little bit of water!


The reason why I bought my first set of 20 markers was actually so I could learn calligraphy. The thin and thick tips of the markers make doing calligraphy easy. I didn’t even know that you could watercolor with them until I was searching for “how-to” calligraphy videos, when I came across these videos:

I was blown away that my simple, cheap markers could be used for something I truly love doing . . . Watercolor Painting!!! I tried it and it worked! That was also when I decided i was going to buy a water brush from Pentel!

For my 15th birthday, I bought myself (with some birthday money) 100 brand new Super Tips! I loved using the 20 I already had but the 100 had so many new colors that I wanted to try. Now, a couple of months later, I still don’t think I have used every last one. To use them all, I might do a coloring page like this lady did:

I truly love each and every one of my super tips and am extremely grateful that the person who invented them . . . invented them.

*Out of Storytime*

OK!! Now that I have told you everything about the supplies. It’s time for comparison mode:

The Comparisons:

For this comparison, I used a 6×9 cold-pressed piece paper (for the printer) and normal everyday water.

Lets start with the Crayola Watercolor Cakes and my amazing Crayola Super Tips. I don’t know if you can see it but, my super tips tend to leave a blue border around the purple. It looks a bit different when the color is alone but when I use it in watercolor paintings, it gives it an extra . . . SOMETHING!

The Crayola Watercolor Cakes were easy enough to use but it is hard for me to use a thin brush after using a thick one for so long. I can get a better grip on the water brushes then I can with the thin, normal brush. The colors from the Crayola Watercolor Cakes are super nice and somewhat easy to use. The ink from the Super Tips are smoother to put on the page compared to the almost gritty or pastie texture of the Crayola Watercolor Cakes.

Next, I did a watercolor calligraphy demo. It was HARD to write “love” with the normal paintbrush. I kind of just wanted to throw the brush across the room. 🙂

With the water brush, it was easy to do because I have practiced. I think that if I practice with a normal paintbrush, I would be able to control the movement a bit more.

The flower was easy enough to do with both paints and both brushes but because I can’t control the amount of water I used for the normal paint brush, it left a ton of water on the page which took FOREVER to dry. The colors of both of them are beautiful and extremely different. The Crayola Cakes have a nice pigmented, darker color while the Super Tips have a more delicate, lighter color.

When I used the Pentel Watercolor Tubes, I was not happy. They are messy to clean up and if you add too much paint to the tray it does not mix right. I think that it is too much work for something that is suppose to be carefree and simple.

The colors came out a gross grey and a weird blue. For some reason it was extremely hard to paint with, meaning it would not stay on the page. The brush would take most of the paint off the page. I didn’t know what to do so, I officially gave up on these paints.

The last kind of watercolor I used was watercolor pencils. Yes, they are Crayola. (We like Crayola in this house)

I think that if you used these in small paintings with TONS of detail, they would “work” or look good. For these watercolor sample pages . . . it did not work OR look good. I think that the idea of using watercolor pencils is super cool and perfect for little kids learning how to watercolor in lines, or in general, but for paintings like what I do, it doesn’t really work. I did use my water tube brushes on this which made it a thousand times easier, but it didn’t blend well and I couldn’t get it to spread anywhere else. I’m glad my mom knows how to use it and makes pretty paintings with them. So kudos to you mom!

Let’s sum it all up! What I learned from this experience, is that art comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it works for some and maybe doesn’t work for others (#watercolorpencilsandtubesfail). I hope that this post has at least helped you to see that you can do art with cheap supplies and it does not have to look perfect. Everyone has a different way of doing art. It was fun to try and now I know what I prefer.

So there you have it, folks! Watercoloring is fun, amazing and beautiful! Love ya’ll!


And of course: Here’s and Owl City song:

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