HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you tell that I’m excited for 2020? When I woke up this morning (I only had 4 hours of sleep) I could not believe I actually made it. It is finally the long-awaited year of 2020. There are so many things that will happen this new year. For example, this year is my 16th year on this earth which means I WILL BE TURNING 16 IN MAY!!!!!! I am totally not excited at all about that!!!

Can you believe that this girl ^ is turning 16 this year! I can’t and I’m that girl. lol

This year brings reading the Book of Mormon all over again. Oh wait, I haven’t told you yet!!


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(I don’t have the medallion or honor bee or the ribbons yet, but they are coming!)

I completed it in 4 months which I am super proud of. I read the Book of Mormon twice in 4 months! That just blows my mind because when I first re-started personal progress again, I rarely read my scriptures personally (not seminary) let alone finished the Book of Mormon. So 4 months ago when I decided to finish my Honor Bee and start Personal Progress again, I didn’t know that I would fall in love with the Book of Mormon! I have changed so much over the last 4 months it is crazy!

4 months ago – I was not happy with my life. I was mad because we “had to stay in this terrible country”. Lol

Now – I am excited about life and cant wait to try new things. I love living in this amazing country and I can’t wait for a brand new year here!

4 months ago – I lost my spark with everything. Reading was “boring”, watercoloring was “boring”, baking was “boring”, etc!

Now – Books are my best friends! I LOVE READING! #Snaplibrary

Random thought: I was reading my old post and I have come to an “I don’t know what is its call”. I think I’m getting better at blogging!

Now let’s look at some pictures from the beginning of the year to now! Let’s see how much I have grown this, I mean, last year . . .

Isn’t that crazy how much I have changed? I no longer look sickly and thin. Sure I’m still “fit” but I am not un-healthily skinny.

My hair is longer and thicker which I’m super proud of!! Also, my photographer is getting so much better at taking pictures of me!!!

I hope you have a great New Years Day (or whatever day you read it)! Love ya’ll!!


P.S: I’m going to SOY next week! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

P.P.S: My new Owl City song for the month!

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