#92 Random Words from Ginger Snap

Sometimes you just want to sit back and do nothing! I love reading books and eating chocolate while sitting in a hammock.

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This ^ has been my bed for the last week! (Cuz my sister room-mate is sick)

That is what I did all day yesterday, oh and I did watch a movie and eat normal food! Man, today is one of those days where I feel lazy and I have so many things I “need” to do. For example:

  • Paint my nails with blue nail polish
  • Clean my room so it will be nice when I come back from SOY
  • Do some laundry so I can finish . . .
  • Finish packing for SOY

I don’t actually have a ton of things to do, but I am SOOOOO LAZY that I don’t want to do them!

I am ready for a week of pure me time and hanging out with other kids my age. I know this is a quick post, but . . . I AM LAZY TODAY!! Lol

Of course, there will be an Owl City song at the end of the post so . . . you can look forward to that! Well, it’s time for me to stop being lazy so. . . Love ya’ll!


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