#95 – 16 before I'm 16

Hello everybody!! (Man, every time I say that I think about when Gru says that to the minions. lol)

I just got back from a short field trip to the beach with my family and 2nd cousins. It was a ton of fun and we got to see turtles lay their eggs on the beach. I also got to take my cousins family photos! I think I might want to be a pro photographer when I’m older. . .

Anyway, back to the subject. For this week’s blog post, I’m going to share with you my “16 goals before I’m 16”.

My “16 before I’m 16”

#1 Go all the way down in my splits

I have been working on my splits for about 5 months now, well more like I gave up a month ago but hey, it has still been 5 months. I wanted to learn how to do it correctly so that I would not be regretting it later. I found this video:

To be completely honest the title is a lie. It takes a long time to master the splits but . . . she does tell you that in the video. For this goal, I will be taking pictures so I can see the process better. I will try to remember to post them on my blog.

#2 Learn how to Juggle

I don’t know why I want to learn to juggle but I do. . .

My plan is to use this very cheesy video to learn how to do this weird skill:

I will videotape my progress and process of learning how to juggle. Hopefully, I will actually learn how. . .

#3 Read the Book of Mormon all the way through

I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!! I cant wait to read it again!

Image result for book of mormon reading chart"

I found this really cool reading chart online and I can’t wait to use it. Again, I will take a picture of my progress!

#4 Get through my “Spanish is Fun” workbook

Image result for spanish is fun book 1 workbook"

This is my Spanish workbook. I know it looks basic but I am just filling in the holes in my Spanish. . .

#5 Earn extra $ for spending!

This is kind of a silly goal because it just is. I am earning money for a trip to Europe with my grandma but I would also like to earn some spending money for me to use whenever. That means I need to work hard. This is my savings tracker for my trip to Europe.

Of course, I need more money than that but hey, I wanted an easier to reach goal.

#6 – 16 Sugar-Free Days

I was reading a blog post and one of the writer’s goals for 2020 was to have 20 sugarfree days. Hopefully, because it is fewer days, I will be able to accomplish this hard to accomplish goal. Let’s see if we can kick my sweet tooth in the . . . tooth.

I want one of those Krispy Cream Donuts right now!!! Wait, no . . . My plan to accomplish this goal (sorry, I really like the word) is to pick four random days in the month for me to NOT eat any sugar. this is going to be super hard because well . . . I still have my Christmas candy and my family loves desserts. I am nervous!!

#7 – Take 16 voice lessons

I don’t know how I’m going to do this one . . .

#8 – Do at least 16 new pages in my bullet journal

I am super excited about this one because . . . I LOVE BEING CREATIVE!!!! Yesterday I finished my first page! Would you like to see it?

I love it so much!!!!!!

#9 Learn how to use make up to highlight my features

Most girls my age LOVE make up!! I am one of them, but I do it a bit differently. Instead of hiding my face, I want to highlight my features. With this goal, I want to learn how to use makeup properly. (BTW: I love my freckles.)

#10 Learn how to play 16 new songs

I dont know if I have shared this with you, but I love playing the piano and my blue, beautiful guitar! I also love singing karaoke!!! Sometimes I wish we had more karaoke parties.

For this goal, I’m am going to learn 4 songs on the piano, 4 songs on my guitar, 4 songs for karaoke and 4 songs on the ukelele. Yes, I play ukelele too!

#11 Be on post #116 by my birthday

This is going to be great for my blog! Every week I have to write 2 posts. I am soo ready for it!! (Hopefully I will not fail this challenge again)

#12 Read 16 books

THIS IS A GREAT GOAL!!! I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to read like 4 books a month and then I will be done! This is the book I’m starting with:

I actually have to read it for school so that is a plus! I am really enjoying it right now and I recommend it to everyone. Oh and btw all the books I read for this goal will be in my #Snaplibrary!

#13 Try 16 new recipes

This one is going to be a lot of work, but hey, I have tons of time. No prob! One of the recipes I want to try is CHEESECAKE!!! Maybe even in the Instant Pot?

#14 Learn 16 new dance moves

This one is so that I can actually dance at stake or multi-stake dances. LOL I want to learn how to do the moonwalk and this weird walking dance move that Troy does in the Sharpay version of “You are the music in me” in High School Musical 2:

#15 Learn/Try 16 new hairstyles

This one just came to me and I was like THIS IS THE PERFECT GOAL! I have been super lazy lately with my hair. . . #neverdoit

As you can see . . . I NEVER DID MY OWN HAIR. My mom would do it, but at the end of the day it would look like this ^

#16 Do 16 new watercolor paintings!

Im super excited for this one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my first painting:

Those are my “16 before I’m 16”! Hopefully the months will fly by more quickly . . . IM SO EXCITED!!!

GTG! Love ya’ll!!!


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