#96 New-ish Outfits x3

“OH MY GOODNESS, I didn’t think I could look this cute.” I kept saying after trying on each outfit.

“I didn’t think you could get any cuter, but boom you have!” Chloe exclaimed, “Doesn’t she look so great?”

“Yeah, she looks amazing.” stylish Abby said

This actually happened in real life. I might not be able to remember exactly what they said an how they said it, but it happened. Abby and Chloe are my AWESOME 2nd cousins.

When all of us are together, we are the Blondy, the Burnette, and the Redhead. Lol

A couple of days ago when I was taking their family photos, Abby was wearing the cutest belt I have ever seen. I asked her if I could buy it from her. But later, she surprised me and actually gave it to me. I KNOW, ISN’T THAT SUPER SWEET?!??

Every day since they left, I have worn it. Ok, that would only be 1 1/2 days but still . . .

The holes go all the way around which means I will be able to wear it forever!!! I love this belt so much, THANK YOU ABBY!!!!!

Ok, now let’s get to the amazing outfits that I have come up with. Let me tell you a quick story first. A year ago I was going through my clothing and putting the ones that didn’t fit me right into a box to “give away” one day.

Outfit #1

Yesterday, I was getting dressed but I could not find the shirt I wanted to wear, so I went into the “give away” box and found this cute shirt which made the cutest outfit EVER!!! (Like date-worthy cute. lol)

See! Isn’t that totally CUTE!!!

Outfit #2

This outfit is actually what I’m wearing today. The sleeves were a lot longer until I chopped them off. I think it looks pretty cute!

I love the last picture SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Oh and this outfit is SUPER comfortable!!

Outfit #3

I hide this shirt away like 2 years ago because it “didn’t fit”. I laugh now because it still looks AMAZING!

The shorts went so well with the shirt, oh and the belt looked AMAZING!!!!

*Bonus Outfit*

I ONLY WEAR SKIRTS ON SUNDAY!!!! I DON’T LIKE WEARING THEM. But with this belt, you might see me in more skirts. Lol

As you can see, it looks so cute and so me! Self-love

Well, I better go! Love ya’ll


Of course, here are some Owl City songs. It is a 3 part video with AMAZING SONGS!

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