#98 Happy Late Valentine’s Day!


**I just finished this post today so . . . Happy Really Late Valentine’s Day! **


I don’t know if you guys remember. . . but I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!

Because I’m a hopeless romantic I have a long list of my favorite things for Valentine’s Day. (I’m so glad it’s Friday!)

Valentine’s Day Movies:

1) You Again

This is the movie I actually watched on Valentine’s Day. I love how funny it is and I LOVE the guy she ends up with!! 

2) 13 Going on 30

(This movie is pg-13) This is one of my favorite rom coms of all time! This movie made me laugh and cry and just sit in amazement! Lol

3) Cinderella

I had to add a Disney princess. I chose Cinderella because I LOVE IT!!! This live action movie is amazing and I love her dress 😍

Valentine’s Day Music

Love bug


Vanilla Twilight

Valentine’s Day Recipes

1) Chocolate 🍫

My dad was so sweet and bought my siblings and I this delicious chocolate!

2) Oreos

Who doesn’t ❤️ Oreos? I sure do!!


I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! The waffle fries, the sandwiches and the amazing SUPERFOOD KALE SALAD!!

Valentine’s Day Outfits

1) Soft Velvet Maroon Cropped Sweater

This sweater is the softest most amazingly light and perfect sweater ever! Perfect for cold Costa Rica days.

2) My Bad-Cop Glasses

These sunglasses are AMAZING!

3) Pretty Little Ring

Don’t you think my rose gold ring is cute?

Valentine’s Day Memes

1) I’m not single lol

2) Hint 😉

3) Lady Bug and Cat Noir

I love Lady Bug and Cat Noir! I could watch that show all day❣️

I hope y’all enjoyed my silly little post for the best day of the year! Love y’all!! Sincerely,

 P.S. Here’s the Owl City extra song!

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  • Allison Owen

    I LOVED this post! ❤️❤️❤️ You included so many fun things! I just have to tell you that 13 going on 30 is one of my all-time favorite movies! I love it! I haven’t seen You Again but now I want to! I’m gonna try and find it! I’m glad you had a happy Valentine’s Day! Love ya 😘

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