#102 – Our Magical Firefly Night!

Don’t you just love it when a night goes perfectly? 

Well, Monday night was one of those nights. Here’s the story:

I had just logged on for my weekly seminary face to face call when my parents told me and my siblings to get in the car. 

As my mom walked to the garage, she saw I was on my call. I told her I could still be on the call if I had hotspot. She agreed and off we went. 

We drove up the Barva mountain to a lookout we had previously visited last Saturday.

Of course, because of the mountain, my class was cut short. I was a bit bummed because I had just gotten a new teacher, but I told myself whatever we were going to do would be worth it. 

And heck yeah it was!!! But just wait for the finale!

We took some pictures of the cloudy sunset. While waiting for it to get dark, we heard an amazing bird. It sounded like a pretty whistle!

As we drove in the dark we saw . . . FIREFLIES!!! Yes! I could not believe my eyes!! 

The kids and I jumped out of the car and watched them as the flew around glowing beautifully agains the dark sky and trees. After catching a few lightning bugs (and almost slipping down the steep road) we got back into the car and made out way back to our house to eat vegan Taco Soup and Fritos! We also learned how the chips are made! (BTW: This is not my picture and that is not the recipe we used, it’s just a nice picture. If you click on it it will go to a different vegan taco soup so . . . Yeah)

It was such a treat and a delight to see the beautiful scenery and those gorgeous fireflies!!! 

By the way . . . On the way home I realized that I was wearing my Owl City Fireflies shirt! How ironic!?

Well, I better go! Love ya’ll! 


And of course here’s an amazing Owl City song!


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