#108 Comfy Cozy In the Rain

Hey guys! Guess what!?

It’s a rainy day and it’s cold too!! My favorite kind of day ever!

You can’t really see the rain in the picture but it really is raining! Yippee 🥳

I’m sooo happy, I LOVE it when it rains and when it’s “cold”. Because then I can wear my sweatshirts, cute jeans, and we must not forget the fluffy socks!!

For this post, I would like to share with you some of my favorite comfy cozy clothing!

Big Black Oversized Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the best thing in the world!! It is perfectly too big and is super-duper soft!! I just love it!! I also love the message it has on it “Fill Your Life With Good Vibes!” I think we all should do that! #goodvibes

Super Cute Favorite Pants

Ok, so have you ever thought that you had grown out of something? Well, this happens to me soooo many times. For example, I found these cute pants while helping my sister go through my old clothing. And yep, they still fit! So . . . Now they are my FAVORITE jeans ever! Thanks sis, ha! (Sorry that the picture is sideways and yes, I’m wearing my sweatshirt)

Fluffy Socks

I normally walk bare foot, but when my feet are ice cold (my feet are always cold but not always ice cold) I LOVE to put on my super soft fluffy socks on! My grandma actually gave them to me a couple years ago. ❤️

Well, I better go do my dreaded math work!!! Bye!


Here’s a quick Owl City song for ya. Enjoy!

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